CCNY Harris Hall Dean's
Conference Room

Located at the first floor of Harris Hall, above the east entrance, and looking over the Quadrangle Park, the Dean’s Conference Room is equipped with a state of the art audio video system. This system allows for video conferences with universities in the United States and around the world. The design of the room was done in a manner that matches perfectly the style of the other original interior spaces in the building. From the new white oak panels that were designed and finished to match perfectly the existing doors’ style, to the discrete light fixtures, the entire room and the two adjacent service spaces were treated with high quality materials and finishes. In addition, two original gargoyles that were replaced as part of the Façade Restoration Project were placed in the room over the new window bay sill. All the controls for light, shading, video projector and other functions are wireless and easy to control from a user friendly touch screen remote.