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NYU E. 8th Street


Fuller and D’Angelo has been retained by New York University’s Department of Construction to design the rehabilitation of the roofs and rear facades of a series of New York City Landmarked brick row houses along East 8th Street in Greenwich Village, New York City.  The first step, in our standard approach, was to address the roof integrity.  The roofing project is currently under construction due to be completed this season.  The rear facades are the next step in this envelope restoration.  The façade was studied with high powered scopes and probes made at various locations to confirm conditions behind the front layer of the façade.  Remediation shall take the form of some selective brick replacements where conditions warrant, with a new brick pre-weathered and matched in color to be as close to possible to the existing common red brick meeting Landmark requirements.  Other areas will receive stucco patching.  Fire escape anchorages will also be addressed where affected by deterioration and water that has worked its way into the façade.