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CCNY Compton-Goethals Hall


Compton Hall was the first to be built in 1908 by George Post at the same time with Townsend Harris Hall, Wingate Hall and Baskerville Hall, all featuring the neo-gothic style with terra cotta trims, and schist stone facades. By the end of the 1920’s Goethals Hall was added, and a connection to Compton Hall was provided. Goethals Hall features only pre-cast trims and schist stone facades. Since then the buildings came to be known as one: Compton Goethals Hall.

The first intervention that was done in 1995 included for both buildings to have rehabilitation of the roofs, repairs to the parapet masonry schist stone walls, replacement of damaged skylights, as well as the renovation of the East Entrance at Compton Hall including the Chimney Renovation.


In 2001 a larger restoration project was started, which included the total renovation of all the facades – including pre cast and terra cotta replacement, re-pointing of the schist stone walls and replacement of the damaged stones selective replacement of windows at Goethals Hall, replacement of all windows with historical replicas of the original cast iron windows at Compton Hall and extensive interior renovations. The Construction is scheduled for completion in late 2006.

Compton Goethals Hall is on the list of New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.