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CCNY Townsend Harris Hall


One of the most challenging projects at the City College Campus was the Townsend Harris Hall Neo-Gothic Restoration, built in 1908 by famous New York architect George B. Post and located on the western edge of the Campus. Started in 1994 and spanning almost a decade, the project included: Roof Replacement, Façade Restoration and Interior Renovations. Of all three, the Façade Restoration was the most demanding in efforts, difficulty and coordination. The original scope of work for this project was the complete restoration and preservation of the facades. The original walls were comprised of terra cotta and schist stone. The terra cotta was fully replaced with new and the schist stone was replaced where deteriorated and fully re-pointed. Originally a Façade Restoration, the Project evolved into a very difficult and intricate Structural Renovation Project. As the old schist stone was removed at the Tower, major structural flaws were discovered at the walls.

The structure was opening like a flower due to infiltrations in the structural walls. A temporary steel structure was erected immediately. Meeting after meeting the difficult situation was debated and finally a solution was agreed upon to reconstruct the Tower. The construction of the Project was completed in 2003 and later in the year S.A.R.A. awarded Fuller and D'Angelo a national “Design Award of Special Recognition” for “… superior achievement and professional design excellence.” 
Townsend Harris Hall is on the list of New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.