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Mount Vernon
Memorial Field


Working as Design Architects for a collaborative team of engineers and specialty consultants, Fuller and D’Angelo designed a new Memorial Field in Mt. Vernon, NY. The design concept includes replacing the existing Memorial Field Bleachers and ehabilitating the remainder of the field, track and site into a modern cohesive venue. Historical aspects are being kept, comprising memorial plaques and architectural symbols.  New structures will include a Memorial Plaza, a new gateway entrance, new field bleachers and team rooms with various stadium support facilities.  The project shall also feature new synthetic turf field, new track with spaces for field events, landscaping and resolving sidewalk and pedestrian flows within and around the stadium.  The new grounds and structure, when completed, will encompass one design theme with plans for future growth as funding becomes available.  The project is currently in the design development process and scheduled to start construction in later part of 2010.