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Metropolitan Golf Association, Elmsford



The Metropolitan Golf Association requested Fuller and D’Angelo to design a state-of-the-art office addition and renovate the existing building. The building is located in Elmsford, NY. Our concept was to provide a modern twin to the existing structure with a central transparent glass lobby open to the woods on the rear facade, creating a cohesive new complex for the MGA.

The glass lobby incorporates a large semicircular stair and central luminescent reception desk. This three story space connects the lower level board rooms with the offices and second floor executive suites. The transition from the existing building to the new addition will provide the MGA with new leasable space for their partner companies and a streamlined way of expanding and updating there own facilities with no downtime.

This new 8,000 square foot addition also houses storage for the traveling golf tournaments, mail sourcing rooms, IT communications and a small golf museum/gallery. The space shall be decorated with high end finishes and be a smart IT environment.

The architects were involved with the land acquisition from Knollwood Country Club, an adjoining neighbor to the site. The building site features a running brook and an exterior patio for entertaining to capture the experience of this “country club” atmosphere.