Sport & Health

Bridgeport Life Retirement Center



The apartment tower features 240 apartments on 15 floors, social and recreation spaces, two floors of nursing facilities and a garage for 120 cars.  The design encourages the social contact for the elderly but privacy was preserved.  Each apartment is designed with an angled wall to capture the views of the Long Island Sound.  The top floor houses a library, 200 seat theater, swimming pool, fitness room, greenhouse, social club and coffee shop.  Each three-apartment floor shares a three story high atrium containing arts, homemaking, gourmet cooking, wood and metal shops and other hobby facilities.  The two story nursing facility has double corridors with bedrooms located at the periphery and the services between the two corridors.  The roof has jogging and walking tracks, swimming pool and sitting areas for relaxation.  The building is designed barrier free for the handicapped.  Due to a lack of funding, this project did not proceed beyond the preliminary Phase.