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Stamford Old Town Hall

Robert Cacace Justic Center, Yonkers

Westchester County Courthouse


The project consists of rehabilitating the Old Jail Complex at the Valhalla Campus. 

The East and West blocks are each 3 story buildings, which comprised the original section of the jail.  Along with the basement area and tunnels, all of the main infrastructure of the complex runs within same and requires replacement.  This project shall gut and fully rehabilitate the 3 floors of cells along with all of the support facilities, dayrooms and will include Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems within same. 

A new high capacity generator is being added to further enhance all the backup systems within both the Old Jail Complex, G Building, K Building, Forensics and other adjacent wings.

Further elevator renovations are part of the project and were bid with various Alternates to include cab replacement and other such major components. 

Fuller and D’Angelo were selected due to our expertise in not only new construction, however, also in rehabilitation of older buildings including building envelopes, infrastructure systems and proper evaluations of scope, content and accurate translations to working drawings. 

The project was later broken into Architectural, Mechanical and Plumbing, and a second package for Electrical and Elevators, as requested by the County.  Construction is slated to start in August, 2010, and span approximately at 16-month period.