Staples High School


The Town of Westport, the Board of Education, and Staples High School required an expansion to their campus that would accommodate a projected populace of 1,800 students and corresponding increase in staff. The design challenge required that the entire project allow for expansion of the school without interrupting its daily operations.  At the same time, cutting edge educational and administrative technology solutions were introduced both to the new and existing portions of the school. Due to the location of the facility within a contiguous federal wetlands area as well as a residential community, zoning, height restrictions and space limitations were considered and addressed through our collaborative team of planning specialists. Recently completed, the three story classroom wings and other additions of 235,000 square feet facilitate the integration of the expanding base of students.  The final school configuration of new and existing will total close to a half million square feet. 

The technology provisions include computer workstations, world-language labs with video server, modern TV Studio and radio station, a greenhouse, and state-of-the-art culinary classrooms.  Additionally, Staples integrated a 175 seat “Black Box Theater” for a broad based, technical theater/ meeting room education environment.