Fuller and D'Angelo bring to the hospitality industry an insight and a vision of "timeless hotels." We understand the importance of enduring designs in hotels: It allows them to endure the rigorous environment of constantly changing patrons and tastes.

By using durable materials that contain the fineness and quality that guests have come to expect, we manage the balance between form and function, as well as art and application that results in functional beauty.

The relationship of spaces -- the function of the hotel as it relates to the perception of the client and guests -- is foremost in our design.

We have worked with leading hotel consultants and interior designers, and have been involved in hotel design and planning for more than three decades. In recent years, we have worked with several hotel chains, including Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Swissotel.




Crown Plaza, White Plains

Crown Plaza, Stamford

Drake Swissotel, NYC